May 21, 2024 | Susan Napier-Sewell

What does a bad day look like? Harm on the job

harm on the job

All kinds of experts weigh in on harm on the job — but when it happens to you, what actions do you take and in what order?

Have you ever encountered harm on the job? What did you do?

When harm on the job happens, it can be a precursor to something larger occurring. As TapRooT® President Mark Paradies advises in a white paper, “I’ve never seen a major accident that didn’t have several, or perhaps a dozen, precursor incidents that could have been investigated and used to solve the problems and, thereby, stop the major accident. Why do major accidents happen? Because people ignore the warning signs. They don’t invest the effort, or they don’t have the knowledge, to find the root causes of the problems and fix them before the next major accident occurs.”

Why is TapRooT® RCA the top Root Cause Analysis Training?

TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training has been designed for investigating seemingly simple problems that could have been worse (precursor incidents) by using a simple 5-step process. TapRooT® can also be used to investigate major accidents by using the complete 7-step process.

Choose TapRooT® Courses that best fit your team’s needs

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What Does a Bad Day Look Like?
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