February 11, 2016 | Barb Carr

TapRooT® Public Courses in Oceania & Asia


Mumbai, India

Upcoming TapRooT® Public Courses:

Queensland Australia:  Gladstone, 2-Day, March 2 | Weipa, 2-Day, March 8 | Brisbane, 5-Day, March 14
Western Australia: Perth, 2-Day, March 10| Perth, 5-Day, April 18
South Australia:  Sydney, 2-Day, March 21 | Adelaide, 2-Day, April 5Newcastle, 2-Day, April 27
Victoria Australia: Melbourne, 2-Day, April 12
Asia: Singapore, Singapore, 2-Day, March 21 | Mumbai, 5-Day, August 29

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For more information regarding our public courses around the world, click here.

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