July 24, 2023 | Susan Napier-Sewell

IOGP Report, 2022 Safety Performance Indicators


The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) has been collecting safety incident data from its Member Companies globally since 1985. Herewith is the IOGP Report 2022s – Safety performance indicators – 2022 data.

The data collected are entered into the IOGP safety database, which is the largest database of safety performance in the exploration and production (E&P) industry. The principal purpose of the data collection and analysis is to record the global safety performance of the contributing IOGP Member Companies on an annual basis.

The submission of data is voluntary and is not mandated by IOGP Membership. The annual reports provide trend analysis, benchmarking and the identification of areas and activities on which efforts should be focused to bring about the greatest improvements in performance. The IOGP incident reporting system covers worldwide E&P operations, both onshore and offshore, and includes incidents involving both Member Companies and their contractor employees.

  • number of fatalities
  • fatal accident rate
  • fatal incident rate
  • total recordable injury rate
  • lost time injury rate
  • number of lost work day cases
  • number of lost work days
  • number of restricted duty cases
  • restricted duty days
  • number of medical treatment cases

The analysis presents contributing IOGP Members’ global results for these indicators, which are then analysed by region, function, and company. 

The data report has three supplementary documents to further aid understanding: the company-submitted narratives for fatal and high potential events are provided in two separate documents, and a two page executive summary providing a brief overview of the main findings from the analysis of last year’s safety performance data.  All are available from the IOGP Publications Library:

IOGP Report 2022s (main document)
High Potential Event narratives
Fatal Incident narratives
Executive summary

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