June 6, 2012 | Ken Reed

How Long Does an Investigation Take? How About 14 Years!

One of our UK TapRooT® instructors (Alan Smith) was the lead investigator looking into the murder of Arlene Fraser in Scotland in 1998.  Her husband has just been convicted a second time for her murder. 

In 1998, Arlene Fraser was attacked by her husband Mat.  He was out on bond, and 5 weeks later, Arlene disappeared.  He apparently paid someone to kill his wife.  He was convicted of that murder in 2003, but then a technicality caused the conviction to be set aside.  This new trial has now again found him to be guilty, and he is back in prison.

You can see the story at this link:  http://player.stv.tv/programmes/news-at-six-aberdeen-north/2012-05-30-1800/.  At the 5:20 mark, you can see Alan describe his thoughts on the case.

This is an example where tenacity and attention to detail can finally win a result. 

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