April 27, 2023 | Susan Napier-Sewell

How far away is death? Sharks on your vacation


Honestly, you research, scrimp, coordinate, and pack for your vacation, and boom — the sharks show up.

Have you ever been in this situation — where you actually were in the vicinity of an incident with sharks?

We were in the Bahamas (note: wonderful destination but stuff happens sometimes — like sharks) on the beach in late afternoon to early evening hours. A sudden yell, then a flurry of rescue activity was launched. A man was barely past wading level in the ocean but, guess what? Timing is everything. It was feeding time for fish and sharks, and he got caught in the mix. He lost one leg, from the knee down. It made national news. Welp!

The lesson here is, you can prepare for situations in every way possible but not take into consideration wise situational behavior. For example, if you’re contemplating an ocean dip at dusk, review a few simple situational tips:

  • Sharks are most active at night, dusk, and dawn.
  • You can’t see as well in the dim light, and that’s when sharks have extra-sharp senses. They have the advantage.
  • You probably know sharks are attracted to blood so don’t go in the water if you’re bleeding.
  • These creatures are attracted to shiny objects (like fish with their pretty scales). Don’t wear jewelry or anything reflective in the ocean to avoid being mistaken for edible sea life.
  • If you’re diving or snorkeling during the day, also avoid wearing any reflective clothing. Best to stick with black or dark blue fins, mask, wetsuit, and tank.

Finally, this quick YouTube video gives you good information on how to know when sharks are near and some sound behavioral tips.

Video source/credit: YouTube, “How to know if you’re swimming near a shark,” ABC11.

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How Far Away Is Death?
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