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How Does Your EGO Impact Your Investigations?

Vincent Phipps and class

How Does Your EGO Impact Your Investigations?

By Vincent Phipps, Certified Speaking Professional and Interpersonal Communication Specialist

Before engaging in your next investigation, check your EGO. Your emotional intelligence dictates how you approach an inquisition and how you respond to others.

The EGO is your Emotion, Goal, and Obstacles regarding interpersonal communication.

Your Emotion is identified by whether you are a Laid-back, Energetic, Analytical, or Direct style of investigator.

The Goal is what is your motivation upon entering into dialogue with others. For example:

  • Laid-back investigators look for structure and organization.
  • Energetic investigators look to engage and connect.
  • Analytical investigators look to get the facts and verify content.
  • Direct investigators look to bring closure and seek efficiency.

The obstacle for Laid-back investigators is that they dislike confrontations.

The obstacle for Energetic investigators is that they might miss details.

The obstacle for an Analytical investigator is that they may be inflexible when adapting an approach.

The obstacle for a Direct investigator is that they may lack empathy or interpersonal skills.

Behavioral science identifies that 82% of investigators are a combination of at least two styles of EGO  The key to being an effective investigator is being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your individual style and how to adapt to the EGO of those with whom you are conversing.

Before your next investigation, conversation, or attempt to establish rapport, be sure to check your EGO!

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  • Dan Mateyko says:

    It does make sense that an RCA facilitator should be prepared to adapt to varied situations. In certain circumstances, pairing facilitators with complimentary styles may work to counterbalance each other’s emotional obstacles.

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