May 30, 2024 | Mark Paradies

Upcoming Equifactor® Training

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2-Day Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting and TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training

Ken Reed Teaching an Equifactor® Course

For a complete 2-Day Equifactor® Course outline, CLICK HERE.

To get a quote for a course at your site, CLICK HERE.

Please click the link below to register for an Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting and TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course from July through December.


BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – July 20-31 – 3-Day Spanish


CALGARY, AB, CANADA – September 25-26

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – September 25-27 – 3-Day Spanish


HOUSTON, TX – November 13-14


See Our Upcoming Public Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis Training

Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting
Justin leading an Equifactor®/TapRooT® Course exercise.

To view a list of all our upcoming root cause training worldwide, CLICK HERE.

Don’t Wait! Schedule the Best Root Cause Training Today!

Poor incident investigation and root cause training that doesn’t find the incident’s root causes can lead to repeat incidents. Repeated incidents could lead to a major accident. A major accident could include a fatality or a major hit to your corporate reputation. Therefore, you need the best root cause training to prevent major accidents. Schedule your root cause training today!

TapRooT® Course
Students in Africa working on an exercise at a TapRooT® Course.
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