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Championship Performance

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What Does it Take to Achieve Championship Performance?

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You aren’t born to be a champion (or exhibit championship performance). Of course, you do have to have a certain aptitude and learn the basics – what it takes to play and win. But more is required. Consider these four insights…

First – Picture Where You Want to Be

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Begin by forming a mental picture of where you want to be. If you can form a strong mental picture and rehearse it, your brain will find a way to get you there. Write it down.  Read it daily.

Second – Learn Lessons from Setbacks

Expect setbacks and move past them. Let them be lessons learned that propel you forward, not anchors that weigh you down. A champion persists through obstacles. Are expectations causing you stress? Don’t put the high expectations of others in a negative light.  Expectations are really support… a belief that you can accomplish a goal.

Third – Focus

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Stay focused on your mental picture of success and support yourself with positive affirmations. If you are not telling yourself that you are capable of success every single day, there is no way you are going to experience it. If you are waiting for someone else to believe in you, they are probably waiting for you to believe in yourself. Stay positive.

Fourth – Continuous Improvement

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Strive for improvement. You will experience wins practicing these steps, but regardless of your achievements, to achieve championship status takes practice and continuous improvement. You need to practice the basics over and over and then learn the latest skills to continually improve your play. Even the best have things to learn.

Championship Root Cause Analysis

The same championship insights can help you achieve world-class root cause analysis.

You start with the basics that you can learn in the:

If you take the 5-Day Course, you will learn more than the basics and have a better idea of what you want your root cause analysis program to be (picture what you want). For the current dates and locations of our worldwide public TapRooT® Courses, CLICK HERE. Or CONTACT US to schedule a course at your site.

You will have challenges when implementing a world-class root cause analysis program. Don’t let these setbacks stop your progress. As Admiral Rickover said…

Admiral Rickover - Courages Couragence

Stay focused on your goal. You can do it! Keep affirming your belief that world-class root cause analysis is not only possible but that your company will get there.

When you think you are getting close, don’t stop. Even world-class programs need to continuously improve. That is one of the reasons we sponsor the Global TapRooT® Summit every year. Get more information about the Summit and how it can help you reach your goal of world-class root cause analysis, CLICK HERE. Or watch this video…

What Inspired This Article?

Boaz Rauchwerger gave a lunchtime Keynote address about becoming a champion at the 2018 Global TapRooT® Summit. I wrote a short article about his presentation before the Summit. Lately, I have been reviewing old Summit material, and I remember how inspiring his talk was. I decided to revise the old article and publish it again here.

Who is Boaz? He was a newspaper publisher, owned his own advertising agency, and produced corporate films and a network television show. He is the author of “How to Create Exceptional Outcomes— Become the CEO of a Very Successful Life.” He holds a degree in journalism, public relations, and advertising from the University of Tulsa.

Boaz Rauchwerger was the 2017 Speaker of the Year for Vistage International (the world’s largest organization of CEOs). He is the founder and president of Boaz Power Corp., a Los Angeles-based high-performance consulting firm. He is also an internationally known professional business speaker for major corporations such as American Airlines, Xerox, and Toyota.

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