August 16, 2022 | Mark Paradies

What’s it Worth to be the Best?


Good – Better – BEST!

What’s it worth to be the best? That’s a great question.

To answer it, you must consider the advantages of being the best, including the hidden advantages the best have by achieving excellence.

Consider these four advantages…

1. Reputation

One of the biggest advantages of being the best is the reputation of being the best. The best sports teams enter the playing field with a clear advantage. They set the tempo of the game. They make the other team play to their strengths and emphasize the opponent’s weaknesses.

2. Culture

The reputation of being the best tends to breed a culture of excellence. People in the best organization don’t accept being second best. This culture helps the best stay the best. And that’s an invaluable advantage.

3. Avoiding Complacency

You won’t be on the top for long if you become complacent. Leaders of the “best” constantly encourage their team to be even better. They know that excellence is a continuing journey. The best teams don’t rest on their laurels.

Some may think that constantly striving to improve is expensive. Striving to improve and be even better is a hidden advantage. People who work at the best companies don’t waste time justifying their efforts, arguing against false cost savings, and dealing with the turmoil of constant downsizing and needless reorganizations. 

People at the best companies always look for ways to improve because that is their heritage.

4. Cost Savings

Being the best is cheaper than being second best (or the worst). This is a counter-intuitive result of being the best. How does this work?

The best companies don’t have:

• Unexpected equipment outages,
• Devastating safety accidents,
• Expensive environmental releases and EPA fines, or
• Costly product recalls.

Why do they avoid these problems? Because the best use TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis to analyze precursor incidents and proactively apply TapRooT® RCA when performing audits. This helps them avoid major accidents.

What if something goes wrong? The best are better equipped to deal with an emergency. Partially because government regulators and the public “cut them slack” because of their excellent reputation. But also because the best are better prepared to deal with the unexpected. 

The Best Attend the Summit

The best are always looking for best practices to implement and lessons learned from others. And surprisingly, the best also look to benchmark their performance against others.

Where do the best share their best practices, benchmark, and learn from others’ lessons learned? At the Global TapRooT® Summit being held on April 24-28, 2023, at the Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe, near Houston.

Why do the best love the Summit? First, they are inspired by great Keynote Speakers.

Summit Keynote Speakers

Second, they learn so much from the networking, benchmarking, and best practice sharing that occurs in the eight Best Practice Tracks:

Find out more about your favorite track by clicking on the link above.

What if you want to attend some things in one track and a few in another? NO PROBLEM! You can customize your Summit experience by selecting the sessions from multiple tracks.

Third, the best know about the unique learning opportunities at the pre-Summit Courses.  Emily and Barb discuss these learning opportunities in this video…

Get more information about each course by CLICKING HERE.

The Best Bring a Team

The best don’t become the best by working solo. They have improvement teams. And they know the advantages of bringing their improvement team to the Global TapRooT® Summit and a pre-Summit Course.

What are some of the advantages?

  • Being able to attend more Best Practice Track sessions.
  • Having a wider opportunity to network.
  • Working together to develop their Roadmap to Success.
  • Having a team to work on implementing ideas when they return to work.
  • Getting discounts for bringing a team (see below).

Register Now!

REGISTER early to qualify for the early-bird prize drawing and ensure you get your pre-Summit Course choice (seats are limited).

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