March 8, 2024 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Friday Joke: “No escaping the phone”— true or false?


A futuristic article written about “no escape from the phone” was published by the Tacoma News Tribune in 1953.

Because the piece resurfaced recently as “An article written about ‘no escaping the phone,'” published by the Tacoma News Tribune in 1953 when rotary phones were the norm — published the query, “A newspaper clipping from 1953 features a relatively accurate prediction about future telephones,” verifying it as “True.”


Now, what about you and your relationship with your phone? Has it “taken over” your life, as predicted so many years ago?

We all have those times when we’d like to hide from our phone, or hide our phone, period, right? And if it’s not enough that we get calls from numbers that are subsequently blocked, we also have to use our phones to verify each and every doctor appointment, sign-in to accounts, and so many more involvements simply revolve around our pesky but invaluable assistant!

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