January 9, 2023 | Ken Reed

Who’s Ready for Safety Improvement?

safety improvement

What can you expect from the 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit’s Safety Improvement Track?

The 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit is just around the corner, and the Safety Improvement track is where you get your best safety improvement ideas! Designed to be especially heavy in user best practice sessions, this track will give you some great ideas that you’ll take back to your companies and IMMEDIATELY see improvement.

If your boss came to you today and asked, “What specific safety improvement initiative do you want to put in place today?” what would you say? It’s hard to think of these kinds of things yourself. If you had a great idea, you probably would have already put it in place. So how do you come up with new ideas that you can be reasonably confident will actually work? Where do you find the best safety improvement ideas?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get some tried-and-true ideas from your peers in other industries? Well, look no further than the Global TapRooT® Summit, specifically the Safety Improvement track. Download the Summit brochure and get better informed.

This track will have EHS experts from around the world sharing their best practices and ideas and giving you pointers on how to properly implement those ideas. After the Summit sessions, these experts will be available for you to pick their brains in even more detail.

We have some truly outstanding sessions lined up for this year’s TapRooT® Summit. For example, Air Canada Maintenance has recently implemented TapRooT®, and they have some great experiences to share with you. Tony Lowery, VP of Maintenance, and Mike Fitzmorris, Senior Director of Regulatory Compliance, will be sharing their experiences on “Using TapRooT® to Drive Culture Change.” You don’t want to miss this terrific presentation.

Don’t wait! Sign up now for the Global TapRooT® Summit.

Circumstances can crop up anywhere at any time if proper and safe sequence and procedures are not planned and followed.

We encourage you to learn and use the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System to find and fix problems. Register for one of our TapRooT® RCA courses.

We offer a basic 2-Day Course and an advanced 5-Day Course. You may also contact us about having a course at your site. If you need help, reach out at (865) 539-2139.

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