March 12, 2024 | Susan Napier-Sewell

What does a bad day look like? Face it, you’re taking one for the team


When you’re being honest with yourself and looking at your face in the proverbial mirror, have you ever felt like it was you who had to take one for the team? Or do you feel that it’s always your fault and it’s you who continuously loses face and takes the blame, no matter what?

Face it — the blame game never works

What do we mean by the “blame game”? Read TapRooT® Instructor Tim Diggs’ terrific article, “‘No Blame’ Culture and Teams.” Tim talks about “

What does a blame-oriented environment get you? Finger-pointing, lies and no fixes. Culture drives behavior so if the culture is that people are the problem the behavior will be:

  • “I did not do it!”
  • “No one saw me do it!”
  • “You cannot prove I did it!”
  • “If we could just get people to be careful and try harder, these problems would go away.”

Tim goes on to say, “

Blame culture still exists

We can find it in companies and in investigations. When something goes wrong it is quick and easy to assign the blame. The problem with that is we do not fix anything. Mistakes are opportunities for improvement. Opportunities to coach, learn, grow, do better. People will make mistakes. Human beings can fail an infinite number of ways. We have to learn from these mistakes to prevent them from happening again and improve the operation. I wonder if our football team would have been more successful if we had investigated the problem, identified, and addressed the causes of the failure, as opposed to merely disciplining the team to handle to issue.

That is why you should use the TapRooT® System. Removing the blame focus and utilizing the human factors guidance in the system will lead you to understand the incident completely, identify the gaps in your system that allowed the mistakes to happen, what caused those gaps to exist, and what to do to fix them. If you are tired of having the same issues over and over again, you want to make the operation better, then you should attend the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis course.”

Become trained in troubleshooting and identifying root causes of issues and incidents

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What Does a Bad Day Look Like?
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