March 28, 2024 | Mark Paradies

What is There to Do at Horseshoe Bay Resort Before, During, or After the Summit?

Videos Will Give You Ideas

What about their new “floating pool” …


A family view of things…


Tennis Channel coverage of the Horseshoe Bay Resort…


Kyle Berkshire playing the Summit Hill Golf Course at the Horseshoe Bay Resort. If you are interested in this course, it might want to watch this. If I could golf like this … I would!


And finally, here is the resort’s video…

For more activity information, CLICK HERE.

And for activities on specific dates during the Summit, CLICK HERE.

Find Out More About the 2024 Global TapRooT® Summit

Where is the 2024 Global TapRooT® Summit being held? At the Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin, Texas.

When is the Summit being held? Pre-Summit Courses: April 29-30. Summit: May 1-3.

What is there to do nearby? CLICK HERE to find out.

What are the 11 pre-Summit Courses? See all the courses at THIS LINK.

Who are the Keynote Speakers? CLICK HERE for their information.

What are the 7 Best Practice Sharing Tracks? CLICK HERE for more info.

What discounts are available?

How Do I register? CLICK HERE to get started!

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