March 19, 2024 | Marcus Miller

Virtual TapRooT® Refresher Course

Virtual TapRooT® Refresher Course

On June 18th, we have scheduled a public virtual 1-Day TapRooT® Refresher Course. If your team needs a quick TapRooT® Refresher, we can also come onsite or set up a private virtual course for your company.

During the last Refresher Course, I asked the participants why they attended, and here are a few of their answers:

Learn the new capabilities and tools in the TapRooT® Software.

Double-check that we were doing everything correctly.

Learn best practices to make things easier and quicker.

Assess how well we are doing.

Make sure we were asking the right questions during our investigations.

Keeping your teams’ TapRooT® skills fresh and sharp is critical to successful investigations. Refresher training is an important tool in maintaining your investigators’ proficiency. We recommend refresher training every 2-3 years to ensure everyone uses the latest techniques and gets the most out of your TapRooT® program.

This Virtual TapRooT® Refresher Course is only for previously trained TapRooT® users. It is not intended to teach the TapRooT® Techniques. The TapRooT® Refresher course focuses on honing your TapRooT® skills.

The first half of the course will expand your TapRooT® skills in each investigation phase. We will share best practices and additional knowledge to improve your skills and mature your organization’s TapRooT® program.

Attendees should bring a prior TapRooT® investigation to the course. During the second half of the course, we will evaluate an investigation that your team has previously performed. We will use the objective findings to identify strategies to reinforce what was done well and address improvement opportunities.

6 Hour Agenda for Virtual TapRooT® Refresher Course

  • Class Introductions and TapRooT® Overview
  • SnapCharT® Overview and Best Practices
  • The Identification of Causal Factors and Finalizing the SnapChart®
  • RCA Best Practices using the Root Cause Tree® and Dictionary
  • SMARTER Corrective Actions and the Corrective Action Hierarchy • Investigation Grading

Course materials we provide:

  1. TapRooT® Essentials Book
  2. Laminated TapRooT® Root Cause Tree®
  3. TapRooT® Root Cause Tree® Dictionary
  4. Corrective Action Helper® Guide
  5. Course Workbook

Register below for the June 18, 2024 course.

If you have questions about the Refresher course, email me at

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