March 28, 2014 | Angie Comer

Version 5.3 Software Release Announcement

We are very pleased to announce the release of our Version 5.3 TapRooT® Software in both Web Enterprise and Single User versions.

The majority of the enhancements in the Version 5.3.0 TapRooT® Software were designed to add functionality to the user and make the navigation of the software more intuitive. A detailed list of these enhancements is found below.


The 7 Step Process Flow and the ability to manage documents have been seamlessly integrated into one page allowing access to the entire investigation or audit from one screen.
o Manage all the information for an investigation or audit on one page
o Create, Edit, or Delete any TapRooT® technique or document with one click
o Check off the steps as you complete them
o Every time you complete a technique or document, come right back to the 7 Step Process Flow page
o Double-click to easily open existing documents
o SnapCharT® SAVE AS automatically associates with the investigation


A complete overhaul to this core TapRooT® technique allows more functionality and flexibility for managing Corrective Actions.
o Easily identify the Causal Factors and Root Causes you wish to address
o Create new Responsible People and Departments with ease
o Easily identify what Root Causes have or have not been addressed by previous Corrective Actions
o Create a 2nd (or 3rd or more) Corrective Action with the click of a button


Add New Team Members to any investigation by simply typing their name.
o Even non-TapRooT® users can be added to the list
o All Team Members show up on the Investigation or Audit Report, regardless of software access


New buttons and Standardization across the TapRooT® Software help improve the navigation and behavior to bring the best user experience yet.
o All CLOSE Buttons have been standardized to return the user to their previous workspace
o Redesigned warning messages clarify what happened and explain what to do next
o Left Menu navigation has been simplified in Single User


Increased reporting flexibility makes finding the data you want easier than ever.
o Innovative parameters unveil limitless possibilities for reports
o Revamped custom query builders and templates give the user powerful tools to generate valuable new and existing reports


Numerous updates throughout the TapRooT® Software let more users perform TapRooT® investigations with their personal preferences than ever before.
o System settings can be set to 24 or 12 hour and international date format (dd/mm/yyyy) is now available as a system setting
o Deleting an investigation or an audit now allows you to delete all associated techniques/documents with one click
o Portuguese language now offered for Root Cause Dictionary®
o Check for new TapRooT® Software updates from the left menu
o Assorted Bug Fixes

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