March 3, 2024 | Anne Roberts

The High Cost of Non-Conservative Decisions: Lessons from a Tragic Refinery Fire

There are many (in)famous examples related to this topic—from my nuclear background, Chernobyl comes to mind first, but even Fukushima had a long history of theirs. A 1970s version of an Environmental Impact Study noted that a tsunami was possible, but the decision was made that it was unlikely due to it being once every 400 years. An event without considering the potential consequences and (in hindsight) relatively “cost-effective” mitigation, such as placing the emergency diesel generators on higher ground.  In addition, I had many “opportunities to fail” from my Navy days, particularly when I was CO, where the backup you have from your team is really dependent on the organization’s culture.

In this breakout session, we delve into the critical difference between conservative and non-conservative decision-making. Through the lens of a tragic incident at the BP Refinery in Oregon, Ohio, where two lives were lost in a devastating fire, we uncover the repercussions of non-conservative decisions and explore the core principles of conservative decision-making, which prioritize safety over production goals.

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