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TapRooT® Technical Tip – Windows 7 TapRooT® Software Installation

Many of you have asked us if the TapRooT® software will work in Windows 7.  The answer is yes!  Our Version 5 software is officially supported in Windows 7.  This week I want to walk you through the steps required to install the TapRooT® software on a Windows 7 machine.

In order to install in Windows 7, the first thing you need to do is disable the User Account Control(UAC) prior to installation.  The steps to do this are listed below:

Disabling User Account Control (UAC)

Step 1
Go to the Start Orb and in the search box type ‘msconfig’ and press [Enter] on your keyboard. When the window comes up select the ‘Tools’ tab.

Step 2
Select Change UAC Settings and press [Launch] to open the User Account Control Settings screen.

Step 3
Move the slider to the bottom and press [OK].  Press [OK] again to close the MSCONFIG window.

Step 4
Restart your machine to finalize this change. Once your machine has been restarted, you are ready to proceed.


Software Installation

Step 1
To begin the software installation, double click on the TSS icon located in the folder where it was saved. 
The installer will extract the files to a temporary location and begin the installation process.

Step 2
After the TapRooT® files have installed, you are presented with a dialog box asking for the serial number you were provided when the software was purchased.

Enter the serial number and press [OK] to continue to the database portion of the software installation.

Step 3
During this part of the installation you are presented with several dialog boxes like the one shown below:

Follow the instructions on each screen to proceed through the installation

**NOTE** DO NOT close any windows until the TapRooT® software opens.  Once the software is completely installed, the TapRooT® application will open and you are ready to start your investigation.

If you are unable to successfully install the TapRooT® software, please send us an email or call Technical Support at 865-539-2139.

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