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TapRooT® Technical Tip – Three Ways TapRooT® System Software Saves You Time

When you attend one of the TapRooT® courses, your instructor introduces you to the 7-step TapRooT® systematic process for finding the real root causes of problems so you can solve them once and for all.  During your training, your instructor will also introduce you to our TapRooT® System software as a tool to facilitate the investigation or audit and determine what corrective actions need to be implemented.  I’d like to discuss three areas where the use of the TapRooT® software saves you time: Centralization of data, Email Notifications, and the Copy/Paste Feature.

1. Centralization of Data:
Typically when conducting a root cause analysis investigation or audit, you will need to collect various pieces of documentation including items such as eyewitness statements and photographic evidence.  If this is a large-scale investigation, the amount of work necessary to collect and organize the data can be  cumbersome and difficult to organize.  The TapRooT® software provides you a central repository to store documents and can be assigned to particular investigations.   When you use the centralized data store, you are more efficient in conducting your investigation and tracking what documentation you have and what documentation you still require to complete your investigation.

2. Email Notifications:
The TapRooT® software also saves you time is the inclusion of a robust email notification system.  This notification system is highly customizable and allows you to create unique notifications for various investigation events. This ensures that all team members stay aware of the investigation status.  The notification system can also be used to inform users of their responsibilities regarding Corrective Actions.  As each step of a Corrective Action is completed, the software will automatically notify the team member responsible for the next step.

3. Copy and Paste Feature:
During your investigation process, you will need to determine the root cause for any causal factors you identified.  The TapRooT® software includes an electronic version of the Root Cause Dictionary which provides you the ability to copy and paste definitions straight into your investigations instead of manually entering them.  These definitions help guide management through the reason behind selecting certain events as causal factors in your investigation.

In conclusion, these time-saving tips are just a sample of the unique ways using the TapRooT® software can save you time when conducting your investigation.  We would love to hear how the TapRooT® software saves you time!  Leave a comment below or send me an email to share how the TapRooT® software helps save your organization time when conducting an investigation.

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