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TapRooT® System Software Version 5.2.1 Single User Release Notes

The TapRooT® Technical Support team is excited to announce our new Version 5.2.1 of the TapRooT® System Software.  We’ve heard from you and have implemented many new features you’ve suggested.

Here is a list of the enhancements made in this release:

  • New Windows 8 support.
  • New Required fields clearly identified and verified prior to saving the investigation.
  • New Existing TapRooT® database is backed up prior to software upgrade.
  • New Investigation import verifies the investigation to be imported was created with the same version of the TapRooT® software.
  • Improved software scroll navigation.
  • Custom Details fields expand automatically when a large amount of text is entered.
  • Corrective Action Editor allows you to assign departments and individuals to specific steps of the Corrective Action process (Implementation, Verification, Validation).
  • Root Cause Tree Analysis comments appear to the left of the name.
  • SnapCharT® window adjusts to display objects after being previously minimized.
  • Enhanced password encryption.
  • Updated Corrective Action Helper links.
  • Improved Excel export functionality.
  • Improved Location and Classification management.
  • Start menu shortcut renamed.
  • Minimized the number of pop-up windows required to save documents.
  • New Locations and Classifications added if none exist prior to upgrade.
  • New Ability to easily import sample cases.

TapRooT® Single Users can download the software from http://www.taproot.com/ts5download.

You will use the same username and password you used to initially download the software.

If you no longer have this information, you can email support@taproot.com to obtain it.

Don’t have the TapRooT® software yet? Click here to learn more.

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  • Miles Tilzey says:


    I have a subscription for the TapRoot software as part of the lead investigator training I did years ago. When me laptop died I have lost the program. Can you please tell me where I can re-download it?



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