January 22, 2024 | Ken Reed

TapRooT® Summit – Emphasis on Process Safety

Safety Improvement Track Includes Process Safety

I hope everyone is getting ready for the Global TapRooT® Summit in April!

There are lots of opportunities for improvement at ALL companies. Those that have Process Safety at their core will want to check out one of the sessions in the Safety Improvement Track.

Ken Bloch will discuss “Improving Process Safety Using TapRooT® RCA.” It’s a great way to assess critical process safety issues at your facilities using the proven TapRooT® techniques. Ken will go over some examples of how using TapRooT® RCA can be used both proactively and reactively to prevent future process safety types of incidents.

Don’t miss the Summit on April 29-May 3. It’ll be at the Horseshoe Bay Resort, just outside of Austin, TX. The Safety Improvement Track is one of the easiest ways to up your game and move to the next level of improvement at your facilities. Register now to save your spot!

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