February 10, 2012 | Barb Carr

TapRooT® Software Version 5.1.5 Upgrade

We’re pleased to announce our latest upgrade to our TapRooT® Software, which has new and updated features that make investigation reporting easier than ever.


Foreign Language – Now your system administrator can set your default language for the Root Cause Tree Dictionary and Corrective Action Helper to French, German, or Spanish.

Search Function – We have completely redesigned the software’s home page, search page, and documents open page to put powerful search tools at your fingertips. You’ll find the exact document you need, making your investigation reporting quick and simple.

Corrective Action Table – The Investigation, Audit, and Corrective Action reports are cleaner and sharper looking and come equipped with the Corrective Action Table featured in the TapRooT® Book. This visual aid will help each person understand the corrective actions for which he or she is responsible and get them done on time.

Window Resizing (Single User) – Now you can resize and maximize any window in the Single User Version, including the SnapCharT® Overview window. You’ll have more space to work on that SnapCharT®, making your reporting simpler than ever.

Redesign – The TapRooT® Software’s borders are visually leaner and trimmer than in previous versions, giving you more workable space.

Root Cause Tree Creation – The software only allows you to create a Root Cause Tree® when you save an Autumn SnapCharT® with causal factors. You’ll never again accidentally create a new Root Cause Tree® each time you create the next season’s SnapCharT®.

Multiple Reports – You can now run multiple reports at once from the Investigation Reports page, making reporting fast and efficient.

PDF Software Tutorial – Now you can download a PDF copy of the software tutorial from the Help Menu. You’ll get your questions answered quicker than ever.

Date Selection Boxes – We have infused the date selection boxes with new technology, making them easier for you to use than before.

System Configurations – Software administrators can use WebConfig.exe to conveniently change timeout and database settings. The default timeout setting is now much higher. Also, when administrators import multiple users with the Import tool they can set User Group and Foreign Language for these users.

Bug Fixes

– Saving the Root Cause Tree page has been completely overhauled. We believe this will resolve the issues that occasionally resulted from saving on this page.

– SnapCharT® now scrolls to the right more easily when dragging a shape.

– Copy and Paste functions have been restored to Analysis Comments.

– SnapCharT® SAVE AS button now recognizes changes since the previous save.

– All reports now paginate correctly.

– Investigation Editor Custom Details fields now wrap text properly.

– When signing off a Corrective Action, the date no longer defaults or incorrectly saves the year.

– In Enterprise version, the Temp directory is emptied to prevent issues from it becoming too full.

If you are within your one-year agreement, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Contact TechSupport@TapRooT.com for more information.

If you have a previous version of the software and your one-year agreement has expired, you can purchase the Upgrade and 1 year of Technical Support for only $395. This includes all upgrades and hot fixes during that year.

Visit our Store to purchase the upgrade.

Don’t have the software yet? Click Here to learn more.

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