December 7, 2017 | SRaycraft

TapRooT® Certified Instructor Recertification Track

Certified TapRooT® Instructors: Your 2018 Summit attendance is required!


It is time to renew your Certification status so that you can continue teaching TapRooT® within your company. Join Linda, Ken and Michelle as they answer your questions and provide important information about changes and new TapRooT® products. Most importantly, your certification status will be extended for two more years.

Here’s what you can expect:

10 2-day Pre-Summit courses to choose from and expand your knowledge.

8 Best Practice Sessions

  1. TapRooT® Users Share Best Practices, Linda Unger, Michelle Wishoun & Benna Dortch
  2. Defining Better Causal Factors, Ken Turnbull
  3. What’s New in TapRooT® Software, Dan Verlinde
  4. TapRooT® Certified Instructor Recertification Workshop, Ken Reed, Linda Unger, Michelle Wishoun
  5. Top 7 Secrets of a Great Investigation Interview, Barb Carr
  6. Taking Your Investigation Communication Skills to a Dynamic New Level, Vincent Phillips
  7. Best Practices for Sharing Lessons Learned, Pat Fortune
  8. Performance Improvement Gap Analysis


Root Cause Analysis
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