May 19, 2014 | Barb Carr

System Improvements’ Celebration Picnic

We just never know what the weather is going to be like in East Tennessee. When we put our company picnic on the calendar in early May, we were enjoying summer-like temperatures, near 90s, but the day of our company picnic (May 16), the temperatures dropped to the 50s and the rain moved in.

No worries, we put on our jackets and we headed to the picnic shelter! Good thing our public meeting planner, Judy, ordered up some warm, spicy Mexican food for our picnic lunch!




We didn’t want to cancel due to a little cold and rain because we had much to celebrate, including the close of Version 5 Software, a wildly successful 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit, and a fond farewell to our in-house attorney, Amanda who is moving to Arizona (pictured below receiving a beautiful farewell message from our VP, Linda).


But we are fortunate that Amanda helped us bring on our new attorney, Katherine (pictured below with Amanda, Linda and Mark, SI President)


Dan, Director of Information Technology & Software Development was recognized for his lead on development of the TapRooT® Sofware. Pictured below are Steve, Tech Support (left), Dan (center),  and our VP, Ed (right).


And pretty soon the clouds parted, the temps rose a few degrees and it was a nice day for a picnic after all! Some of the staff took advantage of the sunshine to pass a football and Frisbee around.


And the rest of us just enjoyed some well-deserved down-time. Pictured below is our A-Team – the ladies who handle our calls and assist with public course registration – left to right: Nicki, Laura, Angela, Alison (A-Team Manager) and Yasmin.


(Pictured below: Yasmin and Laura)


(Pictured below: Licensing Paralegal, Michelle and Implementation Strategist, Benna)


It was a great day of celebration for our hardworking staff!

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