October 28, 2022 | Tim Diggs

How Leadership Can Supercharge Your Investigations





  1. fit or design (an internal combustion engine) with a supercharger.”the engine was supercharged, giving it a output of 420 hp”
    • make faster or more powerful

Ready to supercharge your investigation and make it more powerful? As a leader we know problems are going to occur. A leader’s success depends on how we react to and address those problems. In addressing those problems we can not be everywhere at once so a leader must often delegate or depend on their team to help. This means we, as leaders, have to have not only people, but a system and a process we can trust and rely on.

How can leadership build a trusted system?

Supercharge your Investigations

When problems arise if we do not completely investigate them we are destined to have the issue again. Repeat issues can cause the team to abandon an entire improvement program or loose any traction we had previously gained.

To avoid program failure over time we first have to identify how or vision effect the behavior of our system. Only after we are moving forward with the right improvement vision can we build and improve the system.

Once the system is built, leaders have to make improvements to that system with detailed investigations. Nothing is perfect the first time. What questions will you ask? How do you identify the causes of the problems and correct them? Who needs to be on the improvement team and why?

To learn how to build a more powerful improvement program and ensure that your vision drivers a desired behavior from your team for sustained results, join me for our free webinar “How Leadership Can Supercharge Your Investigations” December 1, 2022. We will discuss in detail:

  • how to recognize which improvement vision your organization has, which vision is right for your company’s sustained improvement.
  • how leadership can ensure the investigation digs deep enough into the cause of a problem.
  • what leaders can do to improve the system and identify who should be on the improvement team.

Root Cause Analysis
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