January 14, 2016 | Barb Carr

Summit 2016 Local Attractions: The River Walk

river walk 3

The history of the River Walk begins back in the late 17th century when a group of Indians discovered this beautiful land and river area. As celebrations were in order, the Indians thought this was the perfect place to camp for “Saint Anthony’s day”, thus the name San Antonio. Fast-forwarding 250 years, past many deadly floods and The Alamo, a group of men eager to improve their city, control the flooding and provide for their community pitched their ideas for the River Walk to the authorities. On March 14, 1941, construction was complete and a river carnival and night parade were held in celebration of the newest, most exciting development in San Antonio. The River Walk has since become a local favorite and one of Texas’s most visited attractions.

Over the years many additions have been made such as exciting nightlife, a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment for all ages and interests. Come visit for yourself!

Did you know the 2016 Global TapRooT® Summit is being held in San Antonio on August 1-5? Registration opens soon, so gather your team and be apart of one of the best performance improvement conferences, network with a variety of colleagues and experts from around the world, and enjoy the beautiful city of San Antonio.



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