November 8, 2021 | Barb Carr

FREE Webinar: Situational Awareness & Human Performance Difficulties

Are you relying on situational awareness to avoid incidents caused by human performance difficulties at your facility? Let’s define what situational awareness in the workplace is to understand our expectations better. Situational awareness is a person’s ability to notice what is happening around him or her and to detect whether or not there are any hazards to his or her health and safety.

Sometimes it’s the only safeguard we put into place, and that decision can have devastating consequences if the safeguard fails. Don’t let that happen at your facility. We’re excited to offer a FREE webinar to explore what situational awareness means in a root cause investigation.

We often send messages to our workers that the way to become more situationally aware is to “be more careful.” Not only do we tell employees to “be more careful,” we might even post signs around our facility to reinforce this message. So, if a worker does not notice a hazard and an incident occurs, could lack of situational awareness be a root cause?

Join Alex Paradies at our free webinar and learn how situational awareness can help us understand human performance difficulties like these. A deeper understanding of incidents related to lack of situational awareness will improve how you identify root causes and develop corrective actions.

FREE WEBINAR: Situational Awareness: Understanding Human Performance Difficulties

If you could attend a webinar that might help your facility avoid an injury or death, would you? You can! Register today – space is limited!

When: November 18, 2021

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Human Performance, Investigations, Root Cause Analysis
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