December 30, 2014 | Mark Paradies

Save Time and Effort … Stop Having Accidents by Using TapRooT® Proactively

Have you been to a TapRooT® Course? Then you learned something about applying TapRooT® proactively to stop accidents and incidents. However, many TapRooT® Users I talk to after a course have never applied TapRooT® proactively. They have just been to busy to find the time.

Why are they so busy? Of course, all companies have been through downsizing, lean, and right-sizing programs that have cut staff to bare bones levels. This allows time to do your job and perhaps a few unexpected tasks (like accident investigations). But they just don’t have time to be proactive.

But I’ve found that this is self-limiting thinking. Because if you can squeeze in just a little time to be proactive, the time and effort saved by avoiding accidents will more than pay back the time you apply to proactive improvement.

Here’s an example.

A refinery always had safety accidents during their turnaround. The increased workload and extra contractors working 24 hours a day meant that the potential for accidents was at a peak. And, when they happened, they always seemed to be at the worst place at the worst time causing expensive turnaround delays. What could be done to correct the problem?

Be proactive.

The refinery decided to be to be proactive and apply TapRooT® as part of a safety observation program. They trained safety observers how to use TapRooT® to perform safety audits and then INCREASED their staff during the turnaround. They had safety coverage 24 hours a day in the field using TapRooT® proactively to find and fix problems BEFORE they could turn into accidents. What happened? The turnaround had the best safety record ever. And there were no expensive incidents to cause delays.In fact, their safety statistics during the turnaround were better than their stats during normal operations (when there was much less risk).

Want to learn more about applying TapRooT® proactively? We have a new course for TapRooT® Users that will be held on June 1-2, 2015 (just before the TapRooT® Summit) in Las Vegas. Click on the link below to find out more about the course and using TapRooT® proactively:

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