February 22, 2012 | Barb Carr

Root Cause Tip: Which TapRooT® Training Course is Right for Me?

This is a question that is raised a lot, and that all of our instructors have heard and/or answered. So I thought, why not provide some guidance? We teach so many different courses that it can sometimes be overwhelming to our clients and potential clients to decide what is best to receive the knowledge they need. Below you will find descriptions of different users, the course that would meet the need, and a short description of what the course provides. I hope this helps everyone decide.

Investigator/Team Member – Needs the basics of TapRooT®, may or may not be using software, will be called upon from time to time to participate on investigation teams.

2-day TapRooT® Training Course: This course provides the basics of TapRooT®, including the “Core Techniques”; SnapCharT®, Root Cause Tree®, and Corrective Action Helper®, along with proactive use of the system and Safeguards analysis. This course will provide the basic knowledge to work on and perform analyses using TapRooT®. This course is not intended to provide training on the TapRooT® Software, but the software can be used if participants feel so inclined.  TapRooT® Public 2-day Courses can be found here.

Team Leader or TapRooT® Expert – Those who are called upon to lead TapRooT® investigations or who are viewed as the site/location expert in TapRooT®.

5-day TapRooT® Training Course: The 5-day training course is our “Team Leader” training course. This provides an expert level of knowledge on all of the TapRooT® techniques and on the TapRooT® Software. This course targets those investigators that will be system experts and team leaders and provides the knowledge to manage and utilize the TapRooT® process for any kind of investigation. The software is included with purchase of this training course and is used throughout the 5 days. When leaving this training course, the investigator will have experience analyzing issues, performing interviews, leading and investigative team, and using the TapRooT® software as an aid and tool.  TapRooT® Public 5-day Courses can be found here.

1-day Equifactor® Training Courses: Many of our customers are great investigators, but don’t have a background in equipment related failures or troubleshooting. This is where the Equifactor® Course can be invaluable. Equifactor® is an equipment failure analysis and troubleshooting tool that is built for the everyday investigator, not the equipment expert. We have a partnership with Heinz Bloch to utilize his expansive array of equipment related tables with our Equifactor® technique.  The tables with our technique provide the everyday investigator with tools to identify “Possible Causes” to equipment related issues and provides the knowledge to ask the proper questions to identify the true root causes of equipment related failures.  This course requires that the attendees have previously attended a 2-day or 5-day TapRooT® course. This 1-day Session (usually held consecutive to a 2-day Public training course) focuses on the use of Equifactor® within the framework of a TapRooT® investigation.  If a student purchases both the 2-day TapRooT® course with the 1-day Equifactor® training course, the TapRooT® Software is also included and is used extensively in the 1-day portion so the investigator will understand the use of the embedded tables. TapRooT® 1-day Equifactor® Courses can be found here.

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