July 9, 2014 | Dan Verlinde

Root Cause Analysis Tips: Ever heard of the Dvorak Keyboard?

Have you ever heard of the Dvorak Keyboard?  If not, then you are like most people.

Over the last decade we have helped over 100 customers implement the TapRooT® Web Enterprise Software into their Information Technology networks, and business practices.One thing we’ve learned in that time is that every customer approaches implementation from a different perspective.

Some Companies have their Information Technology department drive the implementation from start to finish; While other Companies have their business users (the Safety people, most commonly) drive the implementation and task the Information Technology with certain objectives.

No matter what the plan of attack is, you need to have a plan (and a champion for that plan) or your implementation will die on the vine, like so many good ideas (including mass adaptation of the Dvorak keyboard) often do.

Below is a document I wrote a few years back to provide to our customers who are undertaking implementation. This document is based on my years of experience implementing software, not just TapRooT®.   What I’m implying is that software implementation has some universal truths that have nothing to do with TapRooT®, they have to do with gaining momentum in implementing a new innovation.

You might even learn a few things about that mysterious Dvorak Keyboard. Click Here To Review this Document.

Root Cause Analysis
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