January 30, 2010 | Ken Reed

Root Cause Analysis Tip: Using TapRooT® in Criminal Investigations

I have had some discussions concerning how one might use TapRooT® in criminal investigations.  For example, how would TapRooT® work for a murder investigation?  After all, TapRooT® is designed to be used to get to the root cause of why people make mistakes.  When you have something like a murder, you are more into intentional acts.  Where would you put this on the Root Cause Tree®?  Some thoughts…

I would recommend looking under the Natural Disaster / Sabotage area.  This is where intentional acts would be categorized.  The investigation would then be turned over to a law enforcement-type investigation.

I’m not saying that TapRooT® is, therefore, not able to be used for any part of the investigation.  The SnapCharT® is an ideal tool for evidence collection, and in fact, law enforcement agencies use a rudimentary form of charting for just that purpose.

You could also use Safeguards Analysis to help you figure out how you might have been able to detect, prevent, or mitigate the consequences of the criminal act.

Note that most crimes are not completely willful, and TapRooT® does a great job with that.  Drunk driving, friendly fire, etc may be analyzed using TapRooT® with great results.

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