March 28, 2012 | Barb Carr

Root Cause Analysis Tip: TapRooT® Summit Session on Process Safety (Part 1)

This week’s Root Cause Analysis Tip comes straight from our 2012 Global TapRooT® Summit.

If you missed Mark Paradies’ session on “What Does Management Need to Know About Improving Process Safety?” don’t worry. We will be sharing it on the blog over the next three weeks.

Today is Part 1.

Mark began by showing this comedy clip on Deepwater Horizon:

(If you can’t see YouTube videos at work, click here.)

And continued on with his discussion on Process Safety:

(Having trouble seeing the videos? Refresh your browser page.)

Come back next Wednesday for Part 2 of his Process Safety Talk, in which he discusses Admiral Rickover’s “Big Three” nuclear navy safety regulations and more from his congressional testimony after the accident at Three Mile Island.


Update: Parts 2 and 3 have been posted!

Click here for Part 2.

Click here for Part 3.

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