July 2, 2009 | Ken Reed

Root Cause Analysis Tip: Equifactor® Custom Tables

The Equifactor® tables in the TapRooT® Software give your equipment experts the tools they need to find the root causes of equipment failures.  The extensive tables included with the software are based on the experience of Heinz Bloch, a respected reliability expert.  These tables cover a wide range of equipment, including pumps, compressors, engines, and blowers. 

For those using the latest version (5.1.3) of the Enterprise web software, additional tables have been added, covering AC and DC motors, valves and valve actuators, motor and generator commutators, and conveyor belts.

But what if a table does not exist for your specialty equipment?  Chances are, your machinery contains individual components such as bearings, mechanical seals, and gear couplings.  We have included tables for these common components.

Still need more detailed tables to help troubleshoot your equipment?  The TapRooT® Software gives you the opportunity to add your own custom tables to the software!  Have your equipment troubleshooting experts codify their knowledge by developing these custom tables.  Have a piece of finicky equipment that only one guy seems to be able to keep running?  Develop a custom table for that machinery, before your expert retires.  This gives your newer, less seasoned maintenance people the benefit of years of troubleshooting experience.

The network versions of the TapRooT® Software have these same custom table features.  Using the extensive security features built into the web software, you can designate specific people to have access to the custom table development features.  This gives you more control over who is entering the data, what information is added to the software, who has validated the data, and when it is actually available to your troubleshooting community.

If you would like to talk to Heinz Bloch, now’s your chance!  Back by popular demand, Heinz and his son Ken will be giving another set of equipment reliability seminars at the TapRooT® Summit this October in Nashville.  Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss your equipment reliability experiences with these two experts.

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