August 6, 2010 | Ken Reed

Root Cause Analysis Tip: Attend a 1-Day Software Course!

What better way to learn and become proficient at using the new version 5 TapRooT® software than to attend a 1-Day Software Course?  We have developed this course as an optional supplement to the normal TapRooT® courses, giving the students a chance to learn the ins and outs of the software tool.  The course can concentrate on either the Single-User software, or (for our licensed clients) we can use your Enterprise installation to show you how to customize the global reporting and networking functions of the software to make your investigation process much more user-friendly.

Planning on holding a 2-Day TapRooT® Course?  You can easily add the additional software day that is dedicated to working through examples, using the software to hone your newly-acquired root cause analysis skills. 

Want to sharpen the skills of your already-trained TapRooT® investigators?  We can teach the course as a stand-alone software introduction, with examples of how the new software can help make your investigations run more smoothly and efficiently.

Contact us at for more information on our version 5 TapRooT® Software courses!

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