March 21, 2013 | Mark Paradies

Report from Day 1 of the TapRooT® Summit: AMAZING!

How did the first day of the 2013 Global TapRooT® Summit go? It was AMAZING!

That was my opinion but it was confirmed by everyone I talked to.

It started out with an inspiring talk about the lessons of life from accident survivor Carl Dixon. He spoke from the heart and played several songs from his rock star career.

Next, I attended some interesting breakout sessions where people learned and shared best practices.

I also presented a session on four lessons learned from the BP Texas City and Deepwater Horizon accidents. These were lessons that went mainly overlooked but were, none-the-less, important for accident investigators and process safety.

Then there was the closing session by Ken Futch who told his story of shooting himself in the head. What a hoot! It was learning and humor in one package! People loved it.

To top things off, we went to a reception at the Mellow Mushroom. Carl Dixon played three sets for three hours with the audience participating. Believe me, those that were there had the night of their lives. It was the best reception ever (and that’s saying a lot).

Then it started snowing…

I’m getting ready for the second day and will report on it tomorrow.

Those who missed this years Summit really missed something special. The learning, inspiration, and networking have been epic. Plan to be attend in 2014 and see for yourself.

Quotes from Day 1:

Buddy Lee: “There is 1 refinery fire for every 1000 maintenance events.

Buddy Lee: “Standard maintenance is rarely best practice maintenance.

Mike Rodriguez: “Incident Investigation is good business.

Dave Janney: “Nobody has time to fix everything that is wrong with their company.

Mark Paradies: “You can’t have good process safety with bad procedures.

Ken Futch: “I’m a lot more tolerant of people who do stupid things. Doing something stupid doesn’t mean you are stupid.

Carl Dixon: “This has been a blast!

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