November 19, 2022 | Mark Paradies

Remembering the Lake Peigneur Disaster

The Sinkhole Ate the Lake!

They were drilling for oil on November 20, 1980, when they accidentally drilled into a salt dome that contained a mine. What happened next is amazing to watch. Click the video below for the whole story…

How many Safeguards were there to prevent this accident?

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2 Replies to “Remembering the Lake Peigneur Disaster”

  • Workablob says:

    That is an oil rig. Platforms are built once they strike oil.

  • Workablob says:

    Great video. There is a lot of information in this video that I have never heard or seen. I have studied this topic fervently since the 1980s when I read about it in a Readers Digest. I was imagining this island in the middle of the lake but in reality they call all of the salt domes islands. If you have ever consumed Tabasco you will notice from the label on the bottle that it is produced in Avery Island which is also a salt dome. Kudos.

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