February 1, 2006 | Ken Reed

Proactive Equifactor(R)

A discussion today with a TapRooT(R) user mentioned that Equifactor(R) would make a great tool for proactive identification of equipment failure modes. The thought went like this:
A new pump is being installed in your facility. An analysis has been performed to make sure all the predictive and preventative maintenance requirements have been delineated. But have we verified all the support and anciliary systems for the new pump are up to the task? One way to find out would be to use Equifactor(R) to determine the possible failure modes anticipated for the new equipment. By analyzing how the pump could fail, we can anticipate these failure modes and correct them before we even install the pump! How’s that for predictive maintenance! My thanks to Bob Novak of Valspar for this great tip.

Equipment Reliability / Equifactor®
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