October 6, 2020 | Barb Carr

Post-Incident Care of Employees

Last March at the 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit, Benna Hughes led an excellent best practice session, “Workplace Strategies for Mental Health.” It was timely given the fear, anxiety and isolation that many employees experienced due to pandemic shortly thereafter.

Regardless, soft skills in the workplace are the essential interpersonal skills that make or break our ability to adapt and get things done, and attendees found the session very helpful. Improving soft skills is the focus of the Work/Life Balance Track Benna and I have planned for 2021.

I’m excited to announce that for 2021, Benna is presenting Part 2, “Post-Incident Care of Employees” on this track. Supporting employees through accidents and injuries in the workplace can help them gain perspective of trauma that was outside of their control. Learn how to support your employees to reduce the potential negative effects on their mental and physical health.

About the Speaker

Benna Hughes has been with System Improvements since 2006. Her background prior to coming to System Improvements was in finance and marketing, as well as being the Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of a Fortune 500 company. As Implementation Strategist at System Improvements, Benna enjoys working with companies around the world to help determine the right path they need to take to successfully utilize TapRooT® and help them organize onsite TapRooT® courses.

Work/Life Balance Track

At the Global TapRooT® Summit, attendees can choose to register for one of seven focused learning tracks or create a custom schedule of best practice sessions from several tracks. Here are the best practice sessions scheduled in the Work/Life Balance Track in 2021:

Best Practice Session 1: Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Barb Carr)

Best Practice Session 2: Post Incident Care of Employees (Benna Hughes)

Best Practice Session 3: How to Survive & Thrive in TBI-Influenced Relationships (Kevin McManus and Althea Arnold)

Best Practice Session 4: Balancing Life & Work (Vincent Phipps)

Best Practice Session 5: Live your Core Values (Barb Carr)

Best Practice Session 6: Getting More Done in Less Time (Benna Hughes)

Best Practice Session 7: Well-Being & Your Body (Lori Frederic)

Global TapRooT® Summit

June 16 – 18, 2021 (Pre-Summit Courses June 14 – 15)

Knoxville, Tennessee


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