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Meet the Pittsburgh team: TapRooT®️ University

Founded in 1787 as the Pittsburgh Academy, The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is one of the nation’s oldest institutions of higher education and a leading research university. The medical and technological advancements are worth noting, “Pitt people defeated polio, unlocked the secrets of DNA, led the world in organ transplantation, and pioneered TV and heavier-than-air flight.”

Four students at the University of Pittsburgh will be competing alongside teams from other US engineering colleges in the first annual TapRooT®️ Student Competition. Watch the video below to know a bit more about the students representing Pitt.

Then, we encourage you to donate to support the students on their trip to Knoxville, Tennessee May 2-6, 2022 to compete in the competition. Your contributions go directly to the institution in an effort to support the students and faculty advisors.

About the Global TapRooT®️ Summit & Student Competition

Undergraduate and Graduate-level engineering teams from prestigious US universities will receive virtual training from TapRooT® certified instructors, coaching from their mentors, and given an incident to analyze. Then, the teams will participate in the first TapRooT® Student Competition.

In May, the teams and their faculty advisors will travel to the 2022 Global TapRooT® Summit in Knoxville, Tennessee, to present their results. A panel of experts will be judging each team with a focus on the quality of the investigation and successful identification of their SnapCharT® identifying Causal Factors, Root Causes, & Corrective Actions. Learn more here:

Sponsor Students   

Show your support through sponsorships & donations. if you would like to contribute to Pitt, please contact us. The 2022 TapRooT® Student Competition seeks industry partners (users and champions of TapRooT®) through student sponsorships. Your sponsorship funds will be directed to the university of your designation.

SI is sponsoring the students’ and faculty advisor(s) expenses in training materials, instruction, and admission to the 2022  Summit. Partnership sponsor levels (bronze, silver, and gold) will provide students and faculty with project materials, travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and meals while presenting to the panel of judges.

Annual collegiate contributions can be allocated to the TapRooT® Student Competition. Recognition of all TapRooT® Student Competition sponsors will be at participating universities and the Summit.

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Founded in 1787, the University of Pittsburgh is an internationally renowned leader in health sciences learning and research. A top 10 recipient of NIH funding since 1998, Pitt has repeatedly been ranked as the best public university in the Northeast, per The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education. Pitt consists of a campus in Pittsburgh—home to 16 undergraduate, graduate and professional schools — and four regional campuses located throughout Western Pennsylvania. Pitt offers nearly 500 distinct degree programs; serves more than 33,000 students; employs more than 14,000 faculty and staff, and awards 9,000 degrees systemwide.

The Swanson School of Engineering is one of the oldest engineering programs in the U.S. – celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2021 – and is consistently ranked among the top 25 public engineering programs by U.S. News & World Report. The Swanson School has excelled in basic and applied research during the past decade with focus areas in sustainability, energy systems, advanced manufacturing and materials, bioengineering, micro-and nano-systems, and computational modeling, and this year announced the first PhD-level circular economy program in the U.S. Almost 200 faculty members serve nearly 3,600 undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students across six departments: bioengineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering and materials science.

The Department of Industrial Engineering at Pitt was one of the first established in the U.S. and this year is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The department’s contributions to global IE practice include the first academic programs in safety engineering and health care systems engineering, as well as the first Pitt Engineering program to require an international experience by all undergraduates. Pitt IE features innovative undergraduate and graduate programs and world-class research in operations research, manufacturing sciences, healthcare, data sciences, advanced and nano-materials, and traditional industrial engineering. Undergraduate and graduate students have an outstanding placement record at leading companies, while doctoral students have earned faculty positions at top universities in the U.S. and abroad, as well as cutting-edge research positions in industry.

Learn more about the participating universities

  • NC State University
  • Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center (MKOPSC) at Texas A&M
  • University of Akron
  • University of Pittsburgh

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