September 1, 2016 | Barb Carr

Optimize Your Equipment Reliability with an Equifactor® Course!


Equipment problems can be difficult, but fixing them is vital for safety in the workplace and efficiency in production. Where do you start? Find the root cause of the failure. But how? Come to a TapRooT® Equifactor® public course to learn how to find that root cause, develop effective solutions and implement them successfully. Our systematic process is reliable, and your equipment should be, too.

Knoxville is not only the home of the Tennessee Vols but also headquarters of Tennessee Valley Authority and lifestyle media company, Scripps Network. This large city right in the heart of Appalachia is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains giving you an astounding view anywhere you go, especially in the Autumn.

Take a trip to Knoxville and join TapRooT® for this local public course.


Stock and Barrel: This rustic, fun restaurant offers the best burgers in the area. Voted by locals.

Calhoun’s on the River: Enjoy eating with a great view? Calhoun’s serves great barbecue right on the Tennessee River.

Litton’s: A Knoxville favorite! One of the best hometown restaurants serving homestyle burgers, fries and dessert with friendly service.


Market Square: Full of restaurants, bars and boutiques, there’s no better place to enjoy a night out in Knoxville.

Maple Hall Bowling Alley: The trendiest bowling alley you’ve ever seen that is located underground. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

World’s Fair Park: Located next to University of Tennessee’s campus, this famous park was built for the 1984 World’s Fair. Fun area for the kids!

Old City: This area of Knoxville has been brought back to life and is better than ever. Located near Market Square, you can get a feel for all Knoxville has to offer in one place.

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