April 5, 2021 | Emily Pritt

Operational Excellence & Asset Reliability Best Practices: A TapRooT® TV Video Premiere

Interested in Operational Excellence?

Admiral Hyman G. Rickover invented Operational Excellence.

Rickover explained that there were a series of principles that helped the Nuclear Navy achieve excellence but these are the top three:

  1. Total Responsibility
  2. Technical Competence
  3. Facing the Facts
Admiral Rickover

Read Rickover’s semi-official biography Rickover – The Struggle for Excellence. The book is written by the official Nuclear Navy historian Francis Duncan.

Now after the description of the excellence of Rickover’s program, you might think there was nothing to be improved. However, we think the program had three key weaknesses. They are:

  1. Blame Orientation (Lack of Praise)
  2. Fatigue
  3. Needed for Advanced Root Cause Analysis

Watch Ken Reed and Benna Hughes as they discuss this topic

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Want to Know More?

We recommend reading more about Rickover’s life and how he developed his concepts of operational/process excellence in the following article:

System Improvements has promoted operational excellence for over two decades. The TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System is excellent to use both for reactive and proactive analysis to solve problems and achieve operational excellence.


SI is a sponsor of the Operational Excellence Society.  You can join the society for free.

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