March 10, 2014 | Barb Carr

News & Current Events: Root Cause Analysis of Malaysia Airlines Mystery


Natural disaster? Mechanical malfunction? Or something more insidious? While we still have few answers to our questions about the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the investigation continues. It would be very difficult to make a SnapCharT® of events, because we have very little information regarding the incident. The evidence included a salvaged airplane door, two stolen passports, and an ocean oil slick that would be consistent with the potential location and type of incident.

In the face of this grievous incident, the world wants answers. Read the following articles for more details on the investigation, and let us know: Do you think it’s a good idea to do what the author of The Star article does by making guesses as to the root cause of the incident? At what point does one have enough facts to conduct an adequate investigation? Is “pilot fault” a valid root cause?

The New York Times: Search for Jet Compounds the Mystery

The Star: Missing MH370: 5 theories on what could have happened to MH370

Graphic courtesy of The Star.

Root Cause Analysis
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