June 2, 2022 | Angie Comer

New TapRooT® Software Features Highlighted at the 2022 Summit

TapRooT® Software features

There was a lot to learn about the TapRooT® Software at our 2022 Global Summit in Knoxville, Tennessee! Every year, the TapRooT® Software and Development team coordinates a MAJOR release at the same time as the Summit. We come to the Summit with brand new TapRooT® Software features that enhance the user experience and this year was no different.

We don’t “officially” release the new software until shortly after the Summit. This is by design, as we take the opportunity to share the new features with our clients and attendees, get valuable feedback, and in some cases “squeeze” in some great ideas into the new release. We love to learn from all of you!

This year’s Summit was May 4th – 6th and our newest 6.11 version were JUST released at the beginning of June. Our team is sending a communication on how to get the latest version for installation on-premise and also on timing for our updates to the hosted sites.

Exciting New Enhancements

But let me also talk NOW about the exciting new enhancements that we shared.

Dan Verlinde spoke about these during the “What’s New in the TapRooT® Software” at the Summit and we even have a video that shows what was demonstrated during that presentation. (NOTE: the good stuff starts just at the 5-minute mark).

In our 6.11 release, we have an awesome new workflow redesign that makes navigating the investigation process much more intuitive. We like to call this the workflow “slider”. Use the new design to move through each phase of the investigation. Start with your SnapCharT® to identify the sequence of events, identify your Causal Factors and move to your Root Cause Tree®(s). Slide next to your Corrective Actions and finish with your custom Reports.

During your time on the Corrective Action builder, you will see LOTS of updates. We have also redesigned how to input your fixes to make it a more intuitive process.

If you depend on the TapRooT® Software for foreign language translation, you may have heard that Google recently changed their old platform to convert English into a preferred language (this did not affect ONLY TapRooT®). However, our team overcame this difficult challenge and we have “solved” the translation issue so your team across the globe can utilize our software process in the most efficient way!

Watch the Demo of New TapRooT® Software Features

Now, these features aren’t the only improvements in 6.11 but I don’t have enough space here to tell you every detail. That is why you should see a demo performed LIVE at our 2022 Summit OR see a new feature list.

As mentioned earlier, we will continue to plan our updates around the annual Summit (with a release or two in between 😊 ) so visit us in 2023 in Houston, Texas on April 26th – 28th and have a chance to put YOUR ideas into a TapRooT software release!

Also, Dan and I teach a PRE-SUMMIT course each year on JUST software. So if you are a new user, super user, administrator, or IT specialist, we provide a thorough 2-day course that encompasses all front-end and back features which include NEW features for the newest release. Be the first to learn about all we’re doing to continuously improve your TapRooT® software experience. (REGISTRATION coming soon).

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