October 1, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Steam Locomotive Lessons Learned from the UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch

A steam locomotive accident doesn’t seem like something that we would normally be learning from in this modern age, but the UK RAIB has released a report about a recent accident. See the report at:


Although the UK RAIB didn’t make any recommendations for rail lines in general, the company that operated the steam locomotive issued a standard “RE” corrective action.

What is a standard “RE” corrective action? When you “RE” emphasize, “RE” train, “RE” mind, or “RE” write a procedure. In this case the company issued a notice to remind the drivers of standard steps to take before entering a tunnel.

How effective do you think the “RE” corrective actions are?

If they didn’t work the first time, why will they work this time?

Are many of your corrective actions “RE” corrective actions?

Maybe there is something everyone can learn from a steam locomotive accident.

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