February 21, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Medical Performance Improvement – SBAR Communications

I was reading an e-mail about performance improvement in the medical industry and came upon a new term “SBAR.”

I did some searching and came up with the following link that describes the technique well:


The idea applies to any industry where trouble calls are made to people not at the site of the trouble.

Interested in more ideas about improving communications or reducing medical errors? Then consider attending the TapRooT(R) Summit on April 5-8, 2006, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Communication Improvement: At the Summit Vincent Phipps will present Communication Techniques to Stop Human Errors from 1-2:20 on Wednesday. His talk will cover practices that go beyond the standard three-way communications techniques.

Stopping Medical Errors: Also at the Summit there is a whole track on stopping medical errors. for more information see:


and click on buttons on the left labled “Medical Error Reduction Track” to display the schedule for that tracks.

For a Summit Brochure (pdf) click here.

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