March 19, 2024 | Ken Reed

Machine Learning in Root Cause Analysis

machine learning

It seems like “AI” is being used as a buzzword for anyone who wants to get in on the latest craze. However, there are legitimate uses for machine learning in business, and it’s nice to hear how these new tools can be put to use in the safety arena.

At the Global TapRooT® Summit this year, we have a session called, “Lessons Learned From TapRooT® RCA & Machine Learning“. Claus Rose, Senior Executive at GE Renewables, has taken the data obtained during TapRooT® investigations and produced a program that is showing measurable improvement. While performing a solid root cause analysis and incident investigation is important, what you do with the data obtained is just as critical to preventing future recurrence.

As track leader for the Safety Improvement Track, I’m looking forward to this session. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from a world-class company, and to learn about a new AI tool they developed, M.A.T.E (Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence for EHS). Global TapRooT® Summit Week is scheduled for April 29 – May 3, 2024, at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin, Texas.

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