April 11, 2014 | Barb Carr

LIVE from Texas: The 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit! Day 3

This Summit has been a great one. We’ve enjoyed sunny Texas weather, gorgeous LBJ Lake sunsets, and a truly motivational time of learning root cause best practices and meeting new colleagues.

This morning, our own Barbara Phillips shared interviewing tips for reading non-verbal behavior. I never knew there were so many little body language signals to read and find out what people are really communicating! Baarbara also received an award for being a favorite speaker here at the TapRooT® Summit.





Then we gathered together in groups for our Planning Your Improvements sessions, and discussed the best practices we’ll bring back home to improve our workplaces.


And we ended our day and our 2014 TapRooT® Summit with a keynote address from Rocky Beleier, Vietnam Veteran and former Pittsburgh Steeler. What an honor to meet him and an inspiration to hear his story and what he learned through life’s challenges.



Now that the day’s done, we’re ready for more fun! We’re headed to our annual Summit Charity Golf Tournament. Join us tomorrow for photos of that!

What was your favorite part of the Summit experience? Share in the comments below!

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