May 31, 2022 | Amy Souders

Lagniappes from the TapRooT® Summit


Before I attended Ken Futch’s keynote session at the 2022 Global TapRooT® Summit, I had never heard the Louisiana term, “lagniappe.”  Ken defined lagniappes as “any extra or unexpected benefit.”

As a first-time attendee, the Summit was full of lagniappes.  Below are some of the best:

  1. The head start I gained by attending a pre-summit course.
    • During the course, I was paired with two people who were also attending the Summit.  It worked out great. I always had a group to sit with and a head start on developing my professional network.  I look forward to seeing Terry and Mark at the next Summit!
  2. The practical, useful, easy to implement tidbits from the breakouts.
    • The pre-summit course was my first experience using the TapRooT® Software.  In Steve Swarthout’s session, I learned that I could double-click on the line between the events and the conditions to open a text box to insert a root cause and corrective action number.   Steve uses this approach to link and identify all failed safeguards to support the data in his SnapCharT®.  He calls it his “path to failure.”  It was such a useful tip.
  3. Custom reports in the TapRooT® software.
    • Dan Verlinde and Angie Comer walked us through all the different ways to set up a custom report.  They even look at any existing report formats we had and offered to create a report a custom report in the TapRooT® software to match.  Just give Dan a call.
  4. Every attendees’ willingness to help.
    • I first noticed the willingness to help between industry veterans and the college students who were participating in the competition.  That same genuine willingness to help continued throughout the breakouts and networking events, if someone asked a question or presented a problem, multiple attendees offered their best ideas to help.  Many breakout speakers offered to send additional information to attendees with questions.  It was great to be around a group of industry experts that whole-heartly embraced the concept of lifelong learning and supporting each other.
  5. A much-needed kick in the pants from the Keynote speakers.
    • I don’t consider myself to be a slacker; however, listening to each speaker reminded me that I could be doing more with my time.  Each speaker was accomplishing amazing things: earning degrees, climbing mountains and starting multiple charitable organizations.  It made me think about the time I have and how it should be best spent.

Those are just a few lagniappes from the Summit. If you are new to TapRooT® or if you have never attended the Summit, I highly recommend you mark your calendar for the 2023 Summit at the Margaritaville Lake Resort at Lake Conroe near Houston, Texas, April 24-28, 2023.  

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