July 29, 2020 | Tim Diggs

Join Us for Best Practices in Safety and Risk Management

The Safety and Risk Management Track at the 2021 TapRooT® Global Summit is a great opportunity to evaluate your risk management programs and learn techniques and tactics employed by leading industries to stay proactive and ensure the success of your team.

What is the Relationship Between Safety & Risk Management?

To increase safety, you must first evaluate risk. Risk is the chance or threat of negative occurrences like damage, injury, liability or loss, or any other negative occurrence that is caused by susceptibilities, and that may be avoided by preventative action. Safety and risk have an inverse relationship. To minimize the possibility of human error, we need to maximize risk management. If we minimize risk management, we maximize the possibility of human error.

Not limited to safety but, in any arena, to put teammates in a position to succeed, one must understand, assess, and manage risk

Learn to Improve the consistency, confidence, reliability, and accuracy of your risk assessments and safety programs in these professional lead sessions of the Safety and Risk Management Track:

  • Sharing Lessons Learned: “Building a Lessons Learned Program, Matthew Welborn
  • Using Technology & Webinars to Share Lessons Learned, Bill Hendon
  • Trending Techniques for Incident Data, Mark Paradise
  • Hazard Analysis and the Energy Wheel
  • What Does a Good Safety Meeting Look Like?, Brenitha Richardson
  • Safeguards: How Strong & How Many?

The Summit is a great use of your time, affording you opportunities to network with and learn from industry practitioners and leaders as well as to continually improve and develop critical skills and knowledge.

Learn more about the 2021 TapRooT® Global Summit or register for the Safety and Risk Management Track.

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