November 30, 2012 | SRaycraft

TapRooT® Software Version 5.2 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of the TapRooT® Version Single User and Web Enterprise software.  This new version of the TapRooT® software introduces a number of enhancements to help you become more efficient using the software.  Below you see a screenshot of the updated interface and a list of software features and enhancements.


Investigation Editor

  • Buttons moved to top of window for easier navigation
  • Locations/Classifications
    • New Search function
    • Improved User Interface.
  • Enhanced Custom Details fields.
  • New Attachments section
    • Custom Attachment folders.
    • Drag and Drop attachments between folders.
    • Easily view all attachments.
  • Team Member Section Improved
    • Team Member permissions can be set to Full Access or View Only.
    • New Team Member search function added.
  • Added “Estimated Cost’ field for Trending purposes.
  • New Required fields identified by asterisk.
  • Enhanced Help Menu navigation.


  • New Left Menu
    • Reorganized for easier navigation.
    • Dynamic menu based on the user’s permissions.
  • New Unique Home and Exit buttons.
  • New  TapRooT® logo links to the Home page.
  • New Double click on Investigation to open.
  • Sub-menu items expand dynamically.

NEW Search & Trend

  • New Pareto Charts
  • New Top 10 Root Causes
  • New Process Behavior Chart
  • New Export Data to Excel
  • New Count of Investigations
  • New Cost of Investigations
Import Investigations/Audits
  • New Sample cases added to drop down list.
  • Enhanced navigation.
Corrective Action Responsible Person
  • Improved user interface.
  • Search capability added.
Software Administration
  • User authorization menu removed.
  • Simplified User permission configuration.
 Additional Enhancements
  • Additional support for Foreign Language Operating Systems and Languages.
  • The ‘<‘ character can be used when creating system hierarchies.
  • Improved encryption.
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