July 28, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Inspector General Releases Report About Fly Ash Spill That Is Critical of TVA Management

Here’s a quote from the start of that article:

KNOXVILLE – The Tennessee Valley Authority ignored long-standing safety concerns and could have prevented the Kingston fly ash spill by addressing them, the TVA inspector general wrote in a damning report issued today.

The utility’s independent watchdog found TVA management has not accepted responsibility for management decisions leading to the catastrophe. Instead, the report found, they limited the scope of an investigation into the cause of the disaster in an apparent effort to shore up its legal defense in lawsuits.

The utility’s actions, the report concluded, were fueled by a culture resistant to change that looked at ash as insignificant.

And, he warned, it could happen at other power plants if TVA doesn’t take action.

A very interesting controversy for someone interested in root cause analysis and a corporate culture that allows accidents to happen.

Root Cause Analysis
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